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Cary Godsal

Artificial Intelligence: The Next Revolution in Investment Banking?
AI is changing how investment banks operate in front, middle and back office. It's also having an effect on who gets to keep their job.
r/WallStreetBets: The Future of Day Trading?
IB Insider provides a guide for everything that happened with GameStop, RobinHood, and r/WallStreetBets.
Bitcoin: A Market Craze or the Future?
In the crazed markets of the last year, between r/WallStreetBet redditors pumping over-valued stocks, and the inexorable rise of Tesla, one feature has stood out: the remarkable resilience of bitcoin.
Merkel’s Final Act: Germany Prepares for a New Dawn
IB Insider answers the questions arising from an influential change of leadership in Germany
A Quiet Revolution in American Politics?
Biden’s position is certainly easier than it was two weeks ago, but it is not the overwhelming one that would be needed for the passage of very Progressive legislation.
London: A City with A Future?
Far from being over, there are still fights to have as the UK navigates its departure from the EU. Lacking regulatory equivalence and passporting rights, the UK will now have less access to EU markets than international competitors.