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Charlotte Mitchell

Dressed to Invest: A Century of Fashion
Suits have always been a staple in the investment banker’s wardrobe, but how much has this uniform changed over the last century?
Now Streaming: The Rise of the Podcast
All signs are pointing towards now being the time that podcasts have their so-called ‘Netflix’ moment, but why have they become so popular?
What Will Food Delivery Services Take Away from the Pandemic?
Will the reopening of restaurants force food delivery apps into a return to their loss-making ways?
What Clothes Will Suit the Post-Pandemic Office?
Loungewear has become our work-from-home uniform, but will our love for comfort-dressing continue when we return to the office?
Boom and Bust: Investment Banking on Screen
Streaming services are more popular than ever, so why not kick back and watch something about the world of investment banking?
Is the Fashion Industry Wearing Out the Planet?
We know that the fashion industry is a large polluter - the real questions are why, and what can we do to help?
Easy Ways to Stay Active During a Winter Lockdown
In a now all-too-familiar routine of staying indoors, it’s easy to become demotivated towards exercising. So how can we keep active?
Top CV Tips for Investment Banking
Some mistakes to avoid when compiling your CV, given to us by CEO Michael Stirling who has seen the good, the bad and the ugly when it comes to banking applications.
Fantastic Sales and Where to Find Them
Luxury brands are famously averse to discounting their products, but has the pandemic forced them to change their ways?
The Rise and Fall (and Rise Again?) of Investment Banking Christmas Parties
We all have a similar image that comes to mind when we talk about investment banking Christmas parties – unfettered extravagance, lots of expensive booze, and bankers letting loose after another stressful year of trading and deal-making. In the early to mid-2000s, this Wolf of Wall Street­ inspired image would...