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Mihail Ivanov

Dogs in the Office: Is Investment Banking Compatible?
Let's take a look at the rise of dog-friendly offices, best dog breeds for the office, and whether they're suitable to the investment banking lifestyle.
The Climate Misperception
In light of COP26, let's take a look at why many feel we aren't progressing fast enough in response to the climate crisis.
Playboy, OnlyFans, and the Identity Crisis
As OnlyFans found themselves at the heart of an identity crisis, Playboy, for once, were quick to act.
Climate Change and The Race to Net Zero
The threats of climate change are inevitable and many are already visible, but who are the key contributors and who are the key drivers of change?
The Great Billionaire Space Race: From Patriotism to Tourism
The space race has come a long way since the 1960s but should we be weary of our future in space now that firms are the driving force?
Clubhouse: The Controversial Audio Drop-In App that Rattled The Tech Industry
The invitation-only social media app burst onto the scene last year gaining millions of users but can it sustain its remarkable rise?
The Coinbase IPO – Does This Newfound Legitimacy Give Way to a Crypto Takeover? 
Coinbase made history last month by becoming the first major cryptocurrency player to go public.