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Nadir Rahman

A Cold War in the Global Markets
The conflict between Russia and Ukraine has dominated headlines for much of 2022. In this article we deep-dive into the impact of these developments on markets around the world.
February 2022 Market Review: All About Precision And Speed
From surging inflation to volatility hanging over cryptocurrencies, there are many recent developments that have shaped and continue to influence global markets. Here's an overview of the market as of date.
Q4 Earnings: 2021 Concluded
Aside from the recent turmoil in the financial markets, many large corporations have released the 2021 fourth quarter (Q4) earnings.
Formula One and the Future
The final race of the F1 2021 season left many fans shocked and confused. What happened exactly, and what can we expect from the next season?
Bezos and Musk: The Two Billionaire Titans
Jeff Bezos and Elon Musk currently boast the largest net worths in the world, but do the comparisons stop there?
The Brokerage System that Just, Broke
Credit Suisse revealed plans to shutter all prime brokerage activities earlier this month. But why?
Too ‘Grande’ to Fail
As Chinese giant Evergrande misses another debt repayment in the space of a week, what implications could this have on the Chinese real estate market?