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Sol Rodriguez

Lateral Flow Tests: A Price Comparison
Since the start of the pandemic the world has become increasingly reliant upon LFTs to protect its citizens and economies. How do prices differ from country to country?
Valentine’s Gift Ideas
Valentine's day has arrived! Here are some top tips for those still struggling to find the perfect gift.
Industry Growth in a Covid World
The consequences of COVID-19 for businesses are mainly seen in negative terms. Industries have been damaged by the drop in consumer spending and lockdown restrictions. However, this was not the case for all industries.
Eco-Friendly Feminine Products
The feminine product market currently results in the culmination of millions of micro-plastics a year. These products are not only made of plastic, but are packaged and sold in the same material. The eco-friendly alternatives for feminine products are however, on the rise. The Feminine Products Market The feminine hygiene market...