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iPhone 13: To Invest Or Not To Invest?


For some, patience really is a virtue. The new iPhones 13, 13 pro, and 13 pro max have finally hit the shelves and they are looking better than ever.  

WhileApple released the iPhone on Friday the 14th of September, the new iPhones were available to pre-order on Friday the 17th of September. The products sold out in a matter of minutes, with delays expected until November for some deliveries. 

The new iPhones come with a glossier coat, brighter colours, a higher storage capacity and of course, we must not forget, a higher battery life. The sensor in the broad camera is also 1.7 micron pixels, allowing 47% more light to be captured in photos and therefore a better display.  

There are a variety of reasons as to why people should purchase an iPhone from the 13 series, however, many argue that it is not worth the upgrade, and that there is not much of a difference in comparison to previous models or competing devices such as the Android.  

Let’s look at some insights into the 13 series and how it compares to other models to answer everyone’s question: is this an investment worth making? 

iPhone sales and prices globally

Although Apple is still as popular as ever, people are increasingly exploring other brands that may be a better fit for them, as 26% of Apple users switched to Android in 2020. Android users are also seeming to be slightly less interested in the iPhone 13 pro due to its striking similarity to the previous models.

Apple, however, is resilient. The brand has continued to hold a steady sale count, with the iPhone 12 series having sold 100 million phones since its release. Additionally, due to a high demand in the iPhone13 series, there has been a delivery delay until November; although this is due to supply chain issues, data also suggests that the demand for the iPhone is also responsible.  

Globally, whilst iPhone sale records are relatively consistent, price differences aren’t. One of the cheapest iPhone 13s was sold in the United States for $800 USD (~£595 GBP) whereas the most expensive 13s was sold in the United Kingdom at £780 GBP.  

One reason behind this is due to import and export taxes. Since Apple’s headquarters are located in the United States they do not face the same importing and exporting costs, whereas an iPhone’s 4,000 mile journey to the United Kingdom is absorbed by the price.


The iPhone 13 has been upgraded with a dual camera system, 5G, fresh new colours and a faster A15 Bionic chip. The iPhone comes in pink, blue, midnight, starlight and red.  

The iPhones 13 pro and 13 pro max have seen the more significant upgrade in comparison to the 12 series. The 13 pro comes with a smaller display, thicker edges, and a larger rear camera. Other than that and the less noticeable software updates, Apple has not strayed too far away from last year’s iPhone 12 pro max model. 

Other differences from the previous model include weight, as both the pro and the 13 pro max, with the 6.7 inch screen outweigh last year’s Galaxy S21 Ultra.   

The most significant change in the 13 series can be seen in the camera. The wide angled camera on the iPhone 13 has markedly improved low-light imagery making it now possible to take higher quality photographs in night mode for the first time.

A user’s perspective

We would say that the iPhone 13 pro is a better investment in comparison to the iPhone X, due to the better quality in camera, sound, the sleek finish, and the higher storage capacity.  

After receiving the iPhone 13 pro (after pre-ordering it), content from earlier devices was easily transferred in a matter of minutes, allowing time for playing around with the new features and updates – it is safe to say it was a great investment.  

Another update was the ability to play background noise seamlessly. This can be particularly useful for those that may suffer from insomnia, aiding with both relaxation and sleep.

However, for those who already own an iPhone 12 or 12 pro, upgrading to the new iphone would likely not make a significant impact to justify the price tag especially when comparing it against its predecessor.

The iPhone 13 is a great investment to make if you like to stay trendy with the newest gadgets and appreciate the automatic software update, the improved camera quality and storage capacity.  

However, like many, we would likely wait for a few models to be released before making another upgrade.

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