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Valentine’s Gift Ideas


The day for all couples to celebrate their love has arrived and IB insider has your back if you are still struggling to find the perfect gift for your partner.

This article is divided into categories according to the price range, nonetheless, of course, items can differ in price and can be found in different categories.

Price Range: 0-10$

Use Your Skills

It is not always necessary to spend money to show someone how important they are to you.

For instance, if you are a musician, you could learn a song and dedicate it to that special person. Perhaps your song, their favourite song, or a song with meaningful lyrics.

Similarly, if you are an artist, you could do a painting or make a sculpture. If you are good with words a nice poem or a love letter could be the best option as a Valentine´s Day gift.

In the letter you could express your feelings towards your partner and how much they mean to you, or you could remember some dates or moments you shared together and comment on how you felt that day.

Another great gift if your partner is a foodie – a term used to refer to people who love food – and you feel confident about your cooking skills is to try to cook them a nice meal or their favourite food.

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An alternative if both of you like to cook is to buy the ingredients and have a cute date cooking together. A nice meal with some candles while listening to music and drinking a fancy glass of wine… what’s more romantic than that?

No need to worry if you are not good at cooking. IB insider has the solution. You could buy a meal, put it in a basket and have a picnic in the park or somewhere with a nice view.

There are lots of cities around the world with panoramic views that are extremely romantic, especially during the sunset.

Price Range: 10-50$

If your partner reads a lot, books will always be a safe gift. You could buy one of the books in their to-read list or a book that has a meaning for them such as one that is limited edition or that they loved when they were a kid.

Moreover, you could even read it before you give it to them and make little notes, including quotes you love, parts that made you laugh or cry, a character’s behaviour or traits that are similar to your partner….

There are certain companies that provide the most original gifts for Valentine’s. For example, My Spotify Glass sells Spotify music plaques.  You send a picture of the two of you as well as your special song.


The Adventure Challenge sells books which include 50 dates that you and your partner have to do together. The best thing is that they must be scratched off so until that, you do not know the challenge. 

With LoveBook, you can tell the story of you two met. You can create the characters, select the pages and narrate it from your perspective. The result is a cute book with your story.

Price Range: 50-100$

 If your partner likes clothes, make-up, or perfume, consider buying some from their favourite shops or the shops they usually buy these items from.

Another gift very common for Valentine´s day is jewellery. Brands such as Pandora, Swarovski or Tous have special products made only for this day, including necklaces with the word “love” or “amor” or earrings and rings with hearts on them.

Clothes are also a great gift for Valentine’s, including sports clothes if your partner practices any sport or goes to the gym.

Another unexpected gift that could really take your significant other by surprise is a nostalgic childhood toy – even if you think that they might be too old or mature for it.

If your partner is a Star Wars fan, they might still dream about owning one of the Star Wars ships, or maybe, deep down, they’re still yearning for that Scalextric car set they never got for christmas.

Price Range: 100-300$

Heard of the expression YOLO? YOU ONLY LIVE ONCE. The best way to spend your days on earth is by having memorable experiences and if they are with your partner, they will bring you closer and strengthen your bond.

A ride in a hot air balloon or a helicopter ride? Tandem Bungee Jumping? Skydiving? Swimming with sharks? Doesn’t it sound exciting?

Credit: Wayne Dion

Not all of them have to be as frightening as the ones mentioned before. It can be tickets to a concert or a festival, a spa day for two or renting a boat and spending the day at sea.

Price Range: 300-500$

Who doesn’t love a weekend getaway? Although there are still travel restrictions and that can prevent many people from traveling abroad, that should not stop you from exploring your own country.

Close to you might be a little town or city both of you have always wanted to travel to, or maybe you prefer to escape the noise and go to a more relaxed place surrounded by nature.

Ashford Castle, Ireland

Take advantage of what is close to you and turn it into the most romantic getaway ever. A waterfall? A castle? The coast? A medieval town?

Now, do you know what to give your partner for Valentine’s Day? Do you like the ideas mentioned above?

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