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What does £2,000 a month get you in the major financial centres?


Working in a financial centre is a lot easier when you live close by. After a tiring day, facing an hour-long tube, bus or train ride before you can unwind at home isn’t exactly appealing.

With this in mind, IB Insider looks at the kind of housing you can get near some of the world’s largest financial centres for the best prices.


In London, anything for £2,000 a month will be a flat, unless you want to share a house with six other people! Just because it’s on the cheaper side doesn’t mean it can’t be modern and stylish.

For example, this two-bedroom, one bathroom flat in Westminster mixes modern and vintage décor and comes part-furnished – definitely a good choice for your first apartment as a banker. With zero deposit needed, located just 20 minutes from the City of London and 35 minutes from Canary Wharf – it’s hard to turn down.

If you’re looking for something a little fancier, this two-bedroom flat in a beautiful Victorian building in Pimlico has great transport links, meaning it’s only 25 minutes from the City of London. Although climbing four floors may seem a bit daunting, it’s worth it for the view over London’s skyline.

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New York ($2,665*)

Manhattan is a little pricier – around $2,000 will get you a cosy little studio in some very nice apartment complexes, with access to amenities like gyms included in the price. This particular studio on Wall Street places you in the heart of the financial district, and you’ll have access to a sun deck, media room, roof terrace, fitness centre, and games room amongst other things. The studio itself isn’t bad either – including a private balcony, high ceilings, and a fully equipped kitchen with a washer/dryer.

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If you want something slightly cheaper, but still only 25 minutes from Wall Street, this 57th Street studio might be the one for you. Naturally light with a fully equipped kitchen, large windows and a marble bathroom for only $1,619 a month. Central Park is also just 5 minutes away, so you’ll be able to stretch your legs after a long day in the office.

Maybe you’re looking for somewhere that can help separate you from city life. Perhaps a view over the East River? This studio has a big community feel, plus all the amenities you’ll need for living that luxurious banker lifestyle, with only a 35-minute commute.

*$2,665 is approximately £2,000.

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Hong Kong (HK$20,000*)

In Hong Kong, there may not be as much choice, but the options there are still great value for money. Hillgrove Village in Discovery Bay provides a cosy and modern one bedroom flat with views over the bay. Included is access to a full leisure centre and spa. With a short boat ride across to the mainland and financial district, this area offers a nice balance between home life and a busy day at the office.

*HK$20,000 is approximately £2,000

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Singapore (S$3,569*)

In Singapore, there are some popular complexes located near the financial district which are perfect for a young investment banker starting out. The Sail at Marina Bay is probably the best – giving you great views over the city, with the bonus of being near Marina Bay Sands – the perfect place to relax outside of the office.

There are several similar one-bedroom apartments in this complex, all with access to facilities such as a swimming pool and a sky lounge. It’s also only a 15-minute walk to the financial district along the waterfront.

*S$3,569 is approximately £2,000.

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As a young investment banker time really is money, and it’s unlikely that you’ll be spending too long relaxing at home. Hence why location should always come first, and even if that first apartment doesn’t immediately inspire you, then the opportunity to work in some of the world’s most exciting cities/financial centres certainly should.

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