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January 11, 2021

IB Insider’s Guide to Mortgages in Major Financial Centres (Part 1)
New Year, new house? Make sure you’re up to date before you buy with the IB Insider mortgage guide for the biggest financial centres.
London: A City with A Future?
Far from being over, there are still fights to have as the UK navigates its departure from the EU. Lacking regulatory equivalence and passporting rights, the UK will now have less access to EU markets than international competitors. 
Tech, Growth and Eastern Eyes on the IPO Crown – The Biggest Launches of 2020 and What They Tell Us About 2021
These stock launches smashed records in an unpredictable year, raising billions and highlighting the course for investors to watch this year.
Top CV Tips for Investment Banking
Some mistakes to avoid when compiling your CV, given to us by CEO Michael Stirling who has seen the good, the bad and the ugly when it comes to banking applications.
Improving Your Emotional Fitness for a Healthier 2021
Winter months, new lockdowns and post-holiday blues can leave even the most assured of workers feeling lost. Here are simple tricks to make everyday life a bit easier in the banking world.