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March 2021

SPACs: Is the $700bn market here to stay?
Richard Branson chose the SPAC route to help Virgin Galactic go public in 2019. Since then, SPACs have witnessed monumental success in the US. The question is, will the $700bn market be here to stay for the long run?
Staycation: The Travel Trend That is Here to Stay
In the context of extensive travel restrictions imposed by the pandemic, the Staycation is a travel trend that has seen an immense surge in popularity.
What Does the Future Hold for Electric Cars?
As sustainability becomes a growing market, the electric car industry is set to take off astronomically.
The Middle East Exodus: Explained
Faced with the raging Covid-19 pandemic and record low oil prices, the Middle East has not only suffered financial strain, but also an exodus of migrant workers.
G20’s Pandemic Plan of Action
In the wake of the Covid-19 pandemic, the financial international forum G20 agreed to provide debt service support to countries with the worst hit economies. 
Now Streaming: The Rise of the Podcast
All signs are pointing towards now being the time that podcasts have their so-called ‘Netflix’ moment, but why have they become so popular?
Lessons we can learn from Ruth Bader Ginsburg
In honour of International Women’s Day, we reflect on the legacy, inspirational story and the lessons that women globally can learn from Ruth Bader Ginsburg.
Top 5 Female Powerhouses to Look Out For: Emerging Leaders in Finance
To commemorate International Women's Day, IB Insider identifies inspirational female leaders who are making waves in the industry.
What Will Food Delivery Services Take Away from the Pandemic?
Will the reopening of restaurants force food delivery apps into a return to their loss-making ways?
Is the End Looming for the Oil and Gas Industry?
Greater demand for sustainability, negative oil prices and stricter regulatory requirements has left the industry facing an uncertain future.