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May 2021

Top Emerging Leaders in Finance
Who are the top five emerging leaders in finance who are breaking down barriers and paving the way for change in the industry?
Why and How to Complete a Digital Detox
Being connected and engaged in the digital world is part of everyday life but is it taking its toll on your mental health?
Dressed to Invest: A Century of Fashion
Suits have always been a staple in the investment banker’s wardrobe, but how much has this uniform changed over the last century?
COVID-19 Vaccines: Myths and Misconceptions
Dr Reval Sukkhu offers some reassurance and guidance amidst the conspiracy theories, mistrust and misinformation surrounding the vaccines.
Video Games: Investment Banks are Getting in on the Action
The rapidly growing multi-billion dollar industry with seemingly unlimited potential.
Clubhouse: The Controversial Audio Drop-In App that Rattled The Tech Industry
The invitation-only social media app burst onto the scene last year gaining millions of users but can it sustain its remarkable rise?
Cancer: The Impact of COVID-19
Guest writer Dr Jane Benjamin explains how COVID-19 has had a damaging impact on the screening, diagnosis and treatment of cancer.
Is the Risk of Cybersecurity Threats on the Rise?
Remote working has highlighted the need for greater security measures to combat cybercrime.
Overcoming Post-Lockdown Anxiety
With lockdown measures easing throughout the country, many are relishing the prospect of returning to normality. However, the transition back to pre-COVID routines may not be as straightforward for some.
The Rise of Wellness Apps: Investment in Employee Wellbeing Returns High Dividends
The pandemic has led to a rush of wellness app downloads as firms continue to invest in employees' wellbeing.