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July 2021

Taking Your First Steps Towards Investment Banking
The investment banking industry is rife with individuals from financial and economic backgrounds, but is that truly a determinant for success?
Can BYD Beat Tesla?
Tesla has long been the dominant force in the automobile industry, but there is fast-emerging competition from Chinese owned company BYD. Does BYD have what it takes to beat Tesla?
Dr Jane Benjamin provides expert medical advice on improving the chances of conception and a healthy pregnancy.
Is China Doing Enough To Tackle The Growing Threat of Climate Change?
The threat of climate change draws ever closer, but is the largest polluter doing enough to combat this?
The Economics of the Euros: How the Finalists Benefitted On and Off the Pitch
Following an intensely competitive season, Italy has emerged as the champion of the Euros 2020, beating England in the final with a score of 3-2. But how exactly have the two nations fared economically from the games, and what are the financial implications of their results in the final?
The Flying Taxi Market is Ready For Lift-Off
The flying taxi market has reached new heights, but are there concerns?
Justice? Almost. The Global Minimum Tax Bill
A historic multilateral agreement has been reached on a new global minimum tax bill - but how just will this proposed measure be?
Joe Biden / Shutterstock
Only few vaccine manufacturers are catering to the world's needs, but is vaccine access fair game?
How the US $1.2 Trillion Infrastructure Deal Compares to Other Countries
As countries around the world gradually enter a state of post-pandemic recovery, governments have increasingly invested in infrastructure. Are we on the brink of a global infrastructure revolution, and if so, how beneficial would this be?
Neurodiversity – An Expert’s Perspective
Dr Gill MacLeod gives us an empowering perspective on neurodiversity in the workplace.