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October 2021

Flight Shame: A Pillar of Change
As Sweden continues to set moral benchmarks for our attitudes towards climate change and moreover, aviation, just what are businesses doing?
Post-Merkelian Germany: What Can We Expect?
Winds of change are blowing through Europe as Angela Merkel departs her role as chancellor after a sixteen year mandate. Will Germany be able to retain its role as the biggest economic power of Europe with so many policy changes planned?
Playboy, OnlyFans, and the Identity Crisis
As OnlyFans found themselves at the heart of an identity crisis, Playboy, for once, were quick to act.
Ten Ways To Increase Psychological Safety To Improve Team Culture
Psychological safety is the key to a successful and collaborative team. But how should team leaders adopt and implement psychological safety techniques in their management?
Fashion and Luxury: The Immortal Industries
Like many other industries, luxury fashion suffered at the hands of lockdown restriction, but let's take a look at how designers adapted.
European Energy Prices
As energy prices continue to skyrocket, let's take a look at some of the consequences.
Too ‘Grande’ to Fail
As Chinese giant Evergrande misses another debt repayment in the space of a week, what implications could this have on the Chinese real estate market?
The Return of Ronaldo
On the pitch, the rivalry between Messi and Ronaldo has been one for the history books, but what about off the pitch?