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February 2022

The Dairy Debate: Is It Good, Bad or Neither?
In this article, registered dietician Lucy Kerrison tackles the question of whether dairy is something we should all be consuming or replacing with plant-based alternatives.
February 2022 Market Review: All About Precision And Speed
From surging inflation to volatility hanging over cryptocurrencies, there are many recent developments that have shaped and continue to influence global markets. Here's an overview of the market as of date.
Dogs in the Office: Is Investment Banking Compatible?
Let's take a look at the rise of dog-friendly offices, best dog breeds for the office, and whether they're suitable to the investment banking lifestyle.
Lateral Flow Tests: A Price Comparison
Since the start of the pandemic the world has become increasingly reliant upon LFTs to protect its citizens and economies. How do prices differ from country to country?
Hybrid Working and Mental Health – Balancing the Plates and Spinning Them?  
In this article, registered health psychologist Christine Tanner, suggests how to find balance through hybrid working and caring for your mental health.
Meta Shares Drop in the Worst Slump in History
Shares of the company Meta dropped by 26.4% last Thursday. The company’s stock market value fell by around $230 billion.
Valentine’s Gift Ideas
Valentine's day has arrived! Here are some top tips for those still struggling to find the perfect gift.
Don’t Look Up: A Global Success
Many viewers praised Don't Look Up's satirical nature as refreshing and original. Are social critique dramas new or long-standing trend of films today?
Q4 Earnings: 2021 Concluded
Aside from the recent turmoil in the financial markets, many large corporations have released the 2021 fourth quarter (Q4) earnings.
<strong>The Most Influential Women in the World </strong><strong>of Finance</strong>
The number of women in the world of finance is gradually increasing. Let's have a look at some of the most successful names, and what they have achieved.