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Aaron Lewis

Investment Bankers Turned Entrepreneurs: The Critical Skills Required to Succeed
It takes a variety of skills and knowledge to become a successful investment banker, but what does it take to drop it all and become an entrepreneur?
The Tokyo Olympic and Paralympic Games: Was Hosting the Answer?
The short-term solution to Japan's economic troubles was made worse when the Tokyo Games was disrupted abruptly, but was it a good idea in the first place?
How the US $1.2 Trillion Infrastructure Deal Compares to Other Countries
As countries around the world gradually enter a state of post-pandemic recovery, governments have increasingly invested in infrastructure. Are we on the brink of a global infrastructure revolution, and if so, how beneficial would this be?
Digital Currencies and Cryptocurrencies
Although digital currencies and cryptocurrencies have enjoyed widespread adoption due to the benefits that they offer over traditional financial systems, they have been resisted by some sceptical regulators who remain unconvinced.