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Emily Chebanu

Finance vs Tech firms: The Competition for Graduate Jobs is Fierce
In an increasingly competitive job market, what does the future look like for graduates seeking to enter the industries of finance or tech?
Paper Currency Began in China - Will it End There Too? 
China's new digital currency could shape the global financial landscape but why has it been introduced and how will it impact its economy?
Earth Day Special: Exploring the ‘Green’ in Green Bonds
This Earth Day , we explore how the exponentially rising interest in sustainability has impacted the world of finance, specifically through the phenomenon of green bonds.
The New Addition to Amazon’s Toolbox: Amazon Fresh
Amazon adds a game-changing tool to its already impressive toolbox: newly launched Amazon Fresh grocery stores offer shoppers the unique checkout-free experience.
The Middle East Exodus: Explained
Faced with the raging Covid-19 pandemic and record low oil prices, the Middle East has not only suffered financial strain, but also an exodus of migrant workers.
Top 5 Female Powerhouses to Look Out For: Emerging Leaders in Finance
To commemorate International Women's Day, IB Insider identifies inspirational female leaders who are making waves in the industry.
Why the Middle East is Becoming a Major Player in the FinTech Industry
Places like the UAE are providing fertile ground for fintechs, many of which are registered as Sharia-compliant.
The Move Out of America’s Most Beloved Cities: Covid-19’s Unexpected Side Effect
Companies are moving from hubs like New York and Silicon Valley to ‘secondary’ cities like Austin and Miami - and not for the reason you might think.