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Isabel Caine

Shanghai Lockdown
In the midst of Shanghai's worst COVID-19 outbreak since the start of the pandemic, let's consider the economic impact of another two-phase lockdown.
Inflation Hits Record Highs Worldwide
Putin's invasion of Ukraine has sent costs across the globe skyrocketing. Let's take a look at the countries and commodities worst affected.
A 4-Day Working Week: The Pros and Cons
The four-day working week is gaining big momentum globally but will we all benefit from it?
Big Businesses Back Out of Russia in Mass Boycotts
Many businesses are beginning to boycott Russia as a result of President Putin’s invasion of Ukraine. Who are some of the big names backing out of Russia?
What Has Happened to the Price of Houses in the UK?
The number of people owning houses worth over a million pounds has soared since the pandemic. Take a closer look at the what, where and why.
AirTag and Apple’s Issue of Security
Apple has recently faced some controversy over the safety of one of their newer products. The AirTag. So how are they addressing the problem?
Another Hurdle for Wordle
Wordle is the word-guessing game that went viral at the beginning of this year. But why and how did it become such a roaring success?
Meta Shares Drop in the Worst Slump in History
Shares of the company Meta dropped by 26.4% last Thursday. The company’s stock market value fell by around $230 billion.
<strong>The Most Influential Women in the World </strong><strong>of Finance</strong>
The number of women in the world of finance is gradually increasing. Let's have a look at some of the most successful names, and what they have achieved.
Top Banks Award Record Bonuses for 2021: But Will it Last?
2021 was a good year for the employees of investment banks, bonuses jumping by roughly 15% across the field. But what can they expect going into 2022?