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Lina Adams

A Closer Look at Mental Health Issues in the Financial Sector
The need for mental health support has become ever more prevalent, and one of the most affected areas is the financial sector.
NFTs And The Future Of The Music Industry
The rise of NFTs and Cryptos has created opportunity for many artists in a changing music industry.
Achievement Unlocked: Will Netflix be Successful if it Provides Gaming Services?
Will Netflix see its fortunes rise if it begins to offer gaming services, or will it struggle to keep up with well-established competitors in the industry?
Is China Doing Enough To Tackle The Growing Threat of Climate Change?
The threat of climate change draws ever closer, but is the largest polluter doing enough to combat this?
The Flying Taxi Market is Ready For Lift-Off
The flying taxi market has reached new heights, but are there concerns?
Is the Risk of Cybersecurity Threats on the Rise?
Remote working has highlighted the need for greater security measures to combat cybercrime.
How has the Pandemic Impacted the UK Property Market? 
The property market is one of the many sectors that have been heavily impacted by the pandemic. With remote working more prevalent than ever, professionals are tending to move away from cities and instead purchase property in rural areas.
Will it be doom and gloom for cinemas post-pandemic?
Cinema is one of the many creative arts industries that has taken a financial hit due to the pandemic. But is the future of cinema really as bleak as it might seem?