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Louis Gregory

Talent Recruitment Lessons From the World of Sport
From Chelsea FC to the New England Patriots, let's consider how talent recruitment strategies within the world of sport can provide insights for that of business.
Travel: A New Obstacle To African Economic Development
In a world where international - if not intracontinental - travel is the norm, how and why is travelling through the African continent, as an African national, so complicated?
Is Spain Heading Towards Economic Recovery?
Whilst Spain may have largely overcome the COVID-19 pandemic, an economic challenge may materialise in its wake.
AUKUS Deal: What Are The Likely Financial Implications? 
Defined as a stab in the back from the French and counterforce to Chinese influence, what are the financial implications of the AUKUS deal?
Leadership Lessons From Sir Alex Ferguson
As Ole Gunnar Solksjaer's managerial future hangs in the balance, what lessons can he and corporate leaders draw from Sir Alex Ferguson's triumphant career?