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Margaux Etienne

<strong>Is the Aviation Industry Still Suffering from COVID?</strong>
The drastic impact of COVID-19 upon the aviation industry received heavy coverage at the height of the pandemic. But what can we foretell about the future of the industry as it acclimatises to a post-pandemic environment?
Apple Back to Leading China’s Smartphone Industry: A Long-Lasting Return?
After six years of decreasing sales, Apple reconquered it's first place in the Chinese smartphone market. But is the company's presence here to stay?
Makeup for Men Rises Again
Although not a new concept, men wearing makeup has recently begun to be more accepted. A new market seems to open itself. 
Body Positivity And The Beauty Industry
The famous body positivity movement has developed and grown in influence over the years. But what is its impact on the very industry it is trying to change?
Turkish Lira Rates Down a Steep Slope
The Turkish lira has recently lost significant value against the dollar. Is this a symptom or a consequence of an unstable economy?
Christmas Around The World
Christmas, today, has become a global celebration. However, different cultures have still retained some unique traditions in the festive season. So, how exactly is Christmas celebrated around the world?
COP26: Does China Have a Renewed Stance On Climate Change?
As widely expected, China’s president did not attend the COP26 summit in Glasgow last week. What does that say about China’s eco-friendly future?
An Increasingly Demanding European Central Bank: A Sign of Post-Brexit Distress?
The long road of adaptation due to be taken by the UK since Brexit has proven to be bumpier than expected. Is London’s resistance to change getting on the European Central Bank’s nerves?
Post-Merkelian Germany: What Can We Expect?
Winds of change are blowing through Europe as Angela Merkel departs her role as chancellor after a sixteen year mandate. Will Germany be able to retain its role as the biggest economic power of Europe with so many policy changes planned?