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Niamh Hutchings

Meditation: what is it and how can it help you?
In stressful work environments, in stressful time, simple mind exercises can yield great benefits for your wellbeing
Improving Your Emotional Fitness for a Healthier 2021
Winter months, new lockdowns and post-holiday blues can leave even the most assured of workers feeling lost. Here are simple tricks to make everyday life a bit easier in the banking world.
What does £2,000 a month get you in the major financial centres?
Working in a financial centre is a lot easier when you live close by. After a tiring day, facing an hour-long tube, bus or train ride before you can unwind at home isn’t exactly appealing. With this in mind, IB Insider looks at the kind of housing you can get...
How to Budget for a Work Placement
A placement year in investment banking is a huge learning curve both in and outside of the office. Whether you’re in New York, London or Hong Kong, successfully managing a budget for the year in industry may turn out to be one of your most valued achievements. A well-maintained budget...