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Financial News
<strong>The Life of Queen Elizabeth II</strong>
The extraordinary life of Britain's longest-serving monarch.
Drought: The ground dries but we soldier on. Or do we?
As drought is declared nationwide, what changes should UK citizens expect to get used to?
Shanghai Lockdown
In the midst of Shanghai's worst COVID-19 outbreak since the start of the pandemic, let's consider the economic impact of another two-phase lockdown.
Inflation Hits Record Highs Worldwide
Putin's invasion of Ukraine has sent costs across the globe skyrocketing. Let's take a look at the countries and commodities worst affected.
<strong>Is the Aviation Industry Still Suffering from COVID?</strong>
The drastic impact of COVID-19 upon the aviation industry received heavy coverage at the height of the pandemic. But what can we foretell about the future of the industry as it acclimatises to a post-pandemic environment?
The Future of Dr Martens
Dr Martens were the ultimate punk symbol of noughties Britain. But following a sizeable fall in shares in recent weeks, can they be said to have stood the test of time?
Big Businesses Back Out of Russia in Mass Boycotts
Many businesses are beginning to boycott Russia as a result of President Putin’s invasion of Ukraine. Who are some of the big names backing out of Russia?
Apple Back to Leading China’s Smartphone Industry: A Long-Lasting Return?
After six years of decreasing sales, Apple reconquered it's first place in the Chinese smartphone market. But is the company's presence here to stay?
A Cold War in the Global Markets
The conflict between Russia and Ukraine has dominated headlines for much of 2022. In this article we deep-dive into the impact of these developments on markets around the world.
How Banker Bonuses Have Changed in the UK
What are the effects of the financial crisis on the bankers of Great Britain and, in particular, their bonuses?