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Personal Money
Are NFTs Here to Stay?
NFTs are shaking up the digital arts industry, but what exactly are they?
Bitcoin: A Market Craze or the Future?
In the crazed markets of the last year, between r/WallStreetBet redditors pumping over-valued stocks, and the inexorable rise of Tesla, one feature has stood out: the remarkable resilience of bitcoin.
Money In Your Pocket – Our Favourite Worldwide Personal Finance Apps
Fancy a few taps on your phone to leave you with more money in the bank? Here are the best apps for keeping track of your finances, budgeting and saving.
How to Budget for a Work Placement
A placement year in investment banking is a huge learning curve both in and outside of the office. Whether you’re in New York, London or Hong Kong, successfully managing a budget for the year in industry may turn out to be one of your most valued achievements. A well-maintained budget...